Book Review: Why Willows Weep

willow that grow along the river
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This is a review of the abridged version of Why Willows Weep, which is originally a collection of 19 stories. This book contains six stories and sales of this book support the Woodland Trust.

Why Willows Weep contains six short stories about six different trees: Ash, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry, Elm, Scots Pine, and Willow. When I originally started reading this book, I expected the stories to purely be about human experience from a human perspective – and I got something entirely different, and entirely wonderful. The authors of each story give the trees their own unique personalities and have them tell us their stories and with it a stark reminder of why we, as humans, should not take these awe-inspiring creations for granted.

The collection as a whole is a reminder that trees pre-date as humans and discuss how they have contributed to our evolution, as well as trees being a key part of the ecosystem around us. There is a key message of the need for us to re-establish our respect for trees and woodland if we want to continue to benefit from their natural resources.

Each story is stunningly written and cleverly intertwines information about why some trees have evolved the way they have and their identifying characteristics. This book would make a lovely and unusual addition to any book collection – I have no hesitation in awarding it five stars, and I will be looking out for a copy of the unabridged edition!

Many thanks to NetGalley and IndieBooks for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Five stars

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