Book Review: The Ascension of Melanie Winters


This week I was lucky enough to win not one, but two book giveaways on Twitter! The first of my wins is The Ascension of Melanie Winters by Holly Stockport. I was really chuffed to win the giveaway, not only because it’s great to win books but because I’m now getting to review a publication by a fantastic Welsh author.

The book arrived really quickly and just as I was finishing up another book so I dug straight into it. I was immediately drawn in and had to persuade myself to put the book down that night as my alarm was due to go off in five hours and I need at least seven hours sleep to function.

The Ascension of Melanie Winters introduces us to a young woman – Melanie Winters (I bet none of you saw that coming) – who has superhuman powers. She has spends her days trying to hide her powers but has a run in with someone at University, and in that moment everything changes.

This book explores many themes including genetic engineering, the rise of massive unregulated corporations, and the challenges faced by young people in today’s society (regardless of whether or not they have superhuman powers!).

I’m not going to say too much more because I don’t want to spoil it but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced debut novel – it was dark, gritty, tense, and left me wanting more. I sincerely hope Holly plans on writing more, because I, for one, need to know what happens.

Many thanks to Holly for hosting the giveaway. If you’d like to follow Holly on Twitter her handle is @HollyStockport. Her website is and her book is also available on Amazon.

Blogger’s note: Holly did not ask me to review her book – I have written this review and provided the links to her social media, website, and Amazon because I genuinely think this is a great read and her work deserves publicity.

Five stars

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