Book giveaway haul!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I am partial to a book giveaway. I’ve never won any books until this week when I won not one but THREE books! I feel very lucky and thought I’d make a quick post about the books I won and my thoughts on book giveaways on Twitter or via blogs.


The Ascension of Melanie Winters – Holly Stockport

My first win of the week is Holly Stockport’s ‘The Ascension of Melanie Winters’. I’ll not say too much about that here because I’ve already read and reviewed it which you can find here. In short, it is a great book and one I recommend checking out.

This giveaway was hosted by Holly on Twitter.

The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela, Sahm Venter, and Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela

The second win came the form of The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela. This book was released earlier this week and is absolutely stunning. I’ve not had a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but I am really looking forward to getting properly stuck in. I also received a stack of postcards with a letter printed on one side, which are beautiful quality.

I am really grateful to W. W. Norton & Company for hosting this giveaway and being all round lovely people!

Dark Pines – Will Dean

And my final win of the week is Will Dean’s ‘Dark Pines’, which is also signed by the author. I’m looking forward to reading this over the Summer and will post a review in the future.

This giveaway was run by The Booktrail in association with Oneworld Publications. You can follow Will Dean here.

Entering giveaways

I’d just like to add a quick note to say that I only enter giveaways for books I will actually take the time to read and I’ll never enter a giveaway for a book just for the sake of it. I do enter giveaways for children’s books as I have lots of small humans in my life 🙂

I will never enter a giveaway in exchange for a review and especially not on the proviso that I have to provide a positive review! If authors or publishers want early reviews then that’s what places like NetGalley are for (IMHO).

What books have you won?

Let me know in the comments below!

All of these publications are available via Amazon (UK):

The Ascension of Melanie Winters*

The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela*

Dark Pines: As seen on ITV in the Zoe Ball Book Club: A Tuva Moodyson Mystery 1*

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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