Book Review: Father Christmas and Me – Matt Haig

Father Christmas and Me – Matt Haig


Father Christmas and Me is the final book in Matt Haig’s Christmas trilogy. Travel to Elfhelm to pay one last visit to Father Christmas and Amelia, where the evil Father Vogol is up to his old tricks. Can Amelia save Christmas once again?


Father Christmas and Me was originally released in October 2017 but the paperback version is due to be released this October. Not wanting to miss out on a bit of Christmas in July, I decided to request it on NetGalley.

I enjoyed the plot of this book; the story focuses on the importance of being accepting of everyone, no matter how different they are to you. Amelia faces the challenge of reuniting the elf and rabbit communities after years of anger and confusion about how the came to be separate in the first place.

As an adult, I love children’s books, and if you’re reading this alone or with a child you will definitely note a few references to the current political climate, including fake news and shouts of “Lock her up!”. It made me laugh but it also has a serious message to us all about how we should never just take one person’s opinions on face value.

My only minor criticism of this book is that I did not feel like it quite had the magic of Christmas like the first two books. Otherwise, a great read and can be enjoyed without having read the first two stories.

Thanks to NetGalley and Canongate books for providing a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Four stars

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Father Christmas and Me

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Father Christmas and Me – Matt Haig

  1. I love Matt so much but I haven’t read any of his children’s books yet. I also requested this book on netgalley and got approved. Is it really fine to read it without reading the first two books in the series?

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    1. I would say in an ideal world read the other books first, it would make more sense and if I’m honest the others are better – but if you don’t have access to them then it’s not the end of the world 🙂


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