Book Review: The Train to Impossible Places (A Cursed Delivery) – P. G. Bell


Title: The Train to Impossible Places – A Cursed Delivery
Author: P. G. Bell
Genre: Fantasy
Publication date: 4th October 2018


Imagine getting up one night to find a troll building a railway line through your house for the Impossible Postal Express. Then imagine that the next thing you know you’re on your way to the Union of Impossible Places to steal a very important snowglobe from a mean sorceress called Crepuscula.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Suzy Smith, and this is her story.


I’ve mentioned this book so many times on my blog but I have finally finished it and gotten around to reviewing it! Huzzah!

The Train to Impossible Places is a wonderful book of fantasy, sorcery, and adventure. Along the way we meet many different characters who all have their own part to play in saving the Union of Impossible Places (and some who are not what they seem!).

There are many things I enjoyed about this book. I think what I enjoyed most of all is the storytelling; it has a multifaceted plot that comes together neatly at the end but is not predictable. Also, Bell has this way of using language to really bring the story to life. It’s easy to visualise the characters and their surroundings. I personally think that’s really difficult for a writer to do well and Bell has succeeded in this instance.

The book never gets boring; it is fast-paced and moves constantly so you can get totally lost in it. I was reading this on the bus one day and missed several stops. Whoops. It was worth it!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and would be great for younger readers who are maybe looking for a more challenging read.

Five stars

Before I sign off this review I just want to add one more thing. The photo I have included is of my proof copy of this book which is very pretty. However, the final hard copies are stunning. And I mean stunning. I’ve included the unboxing video below – take a look to see the surprise lurking under the dust jacket…

I was provided a copy of this book by the author. I was not asked to review this book and have chosen to do so because I love it.

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**As a Book Depository affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Train to Impossible Places (A Cursed Delivery) – P. G. Bell

  1. This sounds like a terrific read. I have been hearing about this one. The cover looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I think the U.S. cover is different and not as beautiful. I will be looking for this book. Thanks for the review.

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