Book Review: Up The Mountain – Marianne Dubuc


Title: Up The Mountain
Author: Marianne Dubuc
Genre: Children’s fiction
Publisher: Book Island
Publication date: Out now


I was lucky enough to be sent this charming book by Book Island, an independent publishing house based in Bristol, specialising in children’s books.

Up The Mountain tells the story of Mrs. Badger who meets Leo the cat and the two of them strike up a wonderful friendship. Every Sunday, the two of them walk up the mountain and Mrs. Badger teaches Leo about nature and his surroundings.

Slowly, over time, Leo starts to lead the way as Mrs. Badger begins to tire. Then Leo climbs the mountain alone, until one day he meets a new friend and passes on all of the knowledge he learned from Mrs. Badger to his new friend.


Up The Mountain is a beautiful and poignant story about the passage of time, friendship, and perseverance. I’d say it’s a book suitable for all children but particularly those who maybe need to be introduced to the idea that there are some things in life that change, such as grandparents getting older.

Aside from the story, the book is magnificently illustrated and it is a joy to look at.

Five stars

Many thanks to Book Island for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Up The Mountain is available to order now.

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