Book Subscription Review: Ninja Book Box


I am so excited to be writing my first book subscription box review. I am planning on making this a series and will aim to review a different book subscription every month.

The first company to be featured on my blog is Ninja Book Box. Keep reading for to find out how you can get an exclusive discount code…!

The Company

So who are Ninja Book Box? They’re an independent company providing a book subscription service (and other options) specialising in introducing readers to small, independent publishers. The company is run by Bex and Rhys and I can promise you they work hard.

The Boxes

Ninja Book Box offers several different options. Each month there is a theme (for August the theme is ‘The Search’) and you can choose from:

  • the Full Box (a book plus five gifts from independent businesses)
  • the Mini Box (a book plus one gift from an independent business)
  • Book Only Box (what it says on the tin).

You can either get a one-off box or sign up for rolling monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions.

What else?

Ninja Book Boxes have just launched an online bookshop. They sell both new and secondhand books and there are some beautiful treasures to be found. I will definitely be taking advantage of their bookshop for some Christmas gifts!


On to the review. I ordered the Book Only Box but I believe I received the Mini Box as I had a few extra goodies in my parcel. Not that I am complaining! The reason why I chose the Book Only Box is because I’m something of a minimalist and I try to control what comes in through my front door. Except for books. Naturally. They’re fair game.

First of all, let’s take a look at this super sweet packaging. I love the book tape and the ninja stamps! There are a few dings to the packaging but the contents were totally unaffected by this.


I unpacked the parcel and here’s what was inside. I received a book tightly wrapped up, some adorable planner stickers, a charm, some kindness cards, a booklet about the book and author, and a card introducing me to my box.


Here’s a close up of the card so you can see what it says:


The card is a really nice touch as it’s personal. I’ve messaged back and fore with Bex about this box in the lead up to my review and you can tell this box means a lot to them.

The gifts consist of the dog charm and planner stickers:

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – love the planner stickers. They will definitely be getting used for my blog planning. I have to admit I don’t care for the charm – it is not to my taste. This is entirely a personal preference and I know some people will love it.

The last things in the box (except for the book!) are the kindness cards and the information booklet.

The kindness cards are nice and give you ideas on how to brighten someone’s day, such as leaving a book somewhere for a stranger to find. The booklet contains more information about the book, an interview with the author, and a further reading list based on the book received.

So that’s the rest of the box, let’s get on to the best part, the book itself:


In this box was Sophie Chen Keller’s The Lustre of Lost Things (now you can see where the theme comes in!). This gorgeous book is published by Allison & Busby.


For the first time in my thirteen years, I have a story of my own to tell and I am the one who will tell it.

It is only at The Lavenders, his mother’s unusual bakery, that twelve-year-old Walter Lavender feels at home. There meringues scud through displays like clouds, marzipan dragons breathe actual fire, and the airy angel-food cake can make customers pounds lighter.

But when the magical Book at the heart of the shop vanishes and the landlord threatens closure, it is up to Walter to find the Book and save the shop. Despite—or because of—a communication disorder that renders him speechless, Walter has a special ability to find lost things. Accompanied by Milton, his overweight golden retriever, Walter’s quest will take him around and under New York City, into the subway and soaring over Central Park. Along the way he will discover his voice and learn what it means to truly be found.

— Taken from Allison & Busby

There are a few things that I like about this book choice without having read it yet. Firstly, there’s the beautiful cover. The grey tones complimented by the orangey-yellow is so aesthetically pleasing.

Secondly, it’s a book about a book, which is quite frankly my favourite kind of book. If you’re still with me. Lastly, I am looking forward to the combination of fantasy and psychology.

I’ll do a review of the book as soon as I’ve gotten around to reading it and I promise not to leave it to fall down my TBR list! 🙂

Final thoughts

I love the ethos behind the Ninja Book Box company as I also try to support independent publishers where possible. I liked having the opportunity to be introduced to independent publishers I would not come across and also be introduced to books I might not choose for myself (the boxes are not genre specific).

I would definitely order the Book Only Box for myself again in the future and based on the gifts contained within the Mini Box I would consider buying the Full or Mini Box as gifts for other people.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments below if there are any boxes you’d like to see reviewed.

Fancy getting the next Ninja Book Box?

I’ve teamed up with Ninja Book Box to give you the opportunity to get 10% off absolutely anything and everything on the Ninja Book Box website! There are a few things available that I’ve not managed to squeeze into this review so it is definitely worth checking out.

To get 10% off use the promo code RR10 at checkout. Click here to visit the Ninja Book Box website and you can also follow them on Twitter.

*I purchased this Ninja Book Box myself and I was not asked by the company to review the box.

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