Book Review: The Jacobite’s Wife – Morag Edwards


Title: The Jacobite’s Wife
Author: Morag Edwards
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Hookline Books
Publication date: Out now


Lady Winifred has had a troubled childhood. Her mother, father and brother were all imprisoned for treason due to their support for the Catholic king. When she falls in love with a handsome young Scottish nobleman, the marriage brings happiness. However, she is forced to rebel when her husband takes up the Jacobite cause and vows to restore the Catholic king to the throne. While Winifred wants to be loyal to her husband, she also wants to protect him from imprisonment – and worse, the scaffold!

Just how far will she go to save him?

— Taken from The Jacobite’s Wife



This review does not contain any spoilers.

When starting to write this review, I toyed with the idea of omitting the synopsis. Why? Because I am not convinced it does this book justice. It doesn’t sufficiently depict the dark and gritty plot, reinforced by the skillful writing of the author.

When choosing historical fiction I usually go for books set in the Tudor period (Henry Tudor is my favourite, just getting that in there). I don’t know a great deal about Jacobitism so I didn’t go into this book with any expectations, and I found it a great introduction to the Jacobite Cause.

Lady Winifred, the female protagonist, is a plucky and adventurous character who we see grow in maturity over the course of the book. Edwards cleverly weaves in Winifred’s self-reflection. The changes in attitude to how she deals with adversity in her life are gradual and aids the book in being more realistic, rather than having dramatic changes.

I promised no spoilers, and I am going to stick to that, but I have to add that the ending is SO satisfying. In some ways I wanted more as I enjoyed the plot but the book also felt complete and left me with a distinct sense of gratification.

I truly hope this is just the first of many publications from Morag Edwards, particularly of this genre. In my opinion, she’s one to watch.


The Publisher

Many thanks to Hookline Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Hookline Books is an indie publishing house specialising in publishing the work of students and graduates of MA Creative Writing courses. You can find their website here and you can also follow them on Twitter.

The Author

The Jacobite’s Wife is Morag Edwards’ first published book. You can find her on Twitter.

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The Jacobite’s Wife is available to order now.

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