The NetGalley Tag

Happy Thursday!

Earlier this week I was tagged by the super lovely Jo over at Online Blanket Fort (thank you, Jo!) and I have never seen this tag before! I am a NetGalley addict and love the questions featured so I am totally onboard with this tag. I hope you enjoy!

The Rules

  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!
  • Tag a few people to do this tag too.

NetGalley Questions


AUTO-APPROVED: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they are about?


Well, this is off to a difficult start! I don’t feel that strongly about any living authors but if she were still alive I’d say Agatha Christie. I don’t love everything she wrote but what there are some books, like Murder on the Orient Express, which will be classics for a very long time.

RequestREQUEST: What makes you want to request a book on NetGalley?

The first thing that catches my eye is always the cover. I know there’s the old adage “Never judge a book by its cover” but unfortunately, as humans, I think that’s just the way we work. I’ll then take a look at the title and genre underneath the cover (no romance, thank you very much!) and if it passes the title and genre test, I’ll look at the synopsis. If I like what I see in the synopsis, I’ll click that request button!

pro_reader_120BADGES: If you could create one badge to display on your blog, what would it be for?



It’d have to be a badge displaying the number of days since I last purchased, downloaded, or received a book. It would probably be set to zero 99% of the time! 🙂

WishWISH FOR IT: What’s one book that you are absolutely dying to read?

I want a copy of Bridget Collins’ The Binding SO. BADLY. I have sent so many emails asking for an ARC but to no avail 😦 Bah.



2018 NETGALLEY CHALLENGE: What was the last ARC that you reviewed?


My review isn’t available yet but I’ve just read and reviewed Harriet Tyce’s Blood Orange. It’s a psychological thriller like I’ve never seen before. I really think it’ll be one of the best books of 2019. Watch this space!


I tag:

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