Book Review: Little Wise Wolf – van der Hammen & Siemensma

Title: Little Wise Wolf Author(s): Gijs van der Hammen, Hanneke Siemensma (Translated by Laura Watkinson)

Title: Little Wise Wolf
Author(s): Gijs van der Hammen, Hanneke Siemensma (Translated by Laura Watkinson)
Genre: Children’s fiction (Age 4-7 years)
Publisher: Book Island
Publication date: Out now


As usual, when the lovely Greet from Book Island dropped me an email asking me if I wanted copies of the latest publications I couldn’t respond fast enough. Little Wise Wolf is one of two books I received on this occasion and as always they are beautifully produced. They are solid books – the paper is excellent quality and won’t rip at the first sight of little hands.

I enjoyed the story of the Little Wise Wolf (which I’ll come back to) but the shining star of this book is the illustration. The level of detail contained within them is a fine representation of Siemensma’s talent. Each page tells a story all of its own and is full of emotion.


Although the illustrations are matte in format and muted colour, Siemensma cleverly adds white high-lighted details that bring the pictures to life. There are also pops of colour, like the wolf’s little red wellies, that add a stunning contrast to their surroundings. They really are absorbing and every time I look at them I spot something I’ve never noticed before.

Even the endpapers are stunning

So, back to the tale of the Little Wise Wolf. It’s a simple but well-told story of a wolf who is far too busy reading and learning to help his friends. However, in his time of need, they are still there for him. He learns a valuable life lesson and starts to share his knowledge with his friends and realises he can still maintain his love of reading.


Curiously, this resonated with me as a book blogger. As someone who works, blogs, and has family and friends, it’s easy for me to sometimes forget to spend time with the people around me because I have to finish reading a book. It’s just not true that I absolutely have to finish it – it doesn’t harm to have a reminder that it can wait. Also, books are best shared with the people around you.

A delight of a book; one of my favourites so far this year in the age 4-7 category.


Many thanks to Book Island for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Little Wise Wolf is available to order now.

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