Blog Tour: The Light Between Worlds – Laura Weymouth [Where I Write]


Welcome to Day 2 of the blog tour for Laura Weymouth’s stunning The Light Between Worlds. Laura has been kind enough to provide an insight to where she writes her books and a peek at the stunning views from her window.

Where I Write – Laura Weymouth

“I drafted The Light Between Worlds sitting in an armchair next to our fireplace. However, now that I’ve got more administrative things to take care of as an author, we’ve converted a spare bedroom into a home office. I’ve never been precious about where I write, and still bring my laptop downstairs when I need to multitask, but there’s something helpful about being able to shut the door to my office and be in my own enclosed creative space. I find it easier and quicker to focus when I’m able to work at my desk.

And of course in my office I have all my assorted author tools – a giant whiteboard I’ve nicknamed Eugene the Plot Wizard, who’s helped me through many thorny story problems already. An old rolltop desk I was given by friends that I use as a shipping station, thanks to all of its very helpful cubbies and drawers. Plants – lots of plants, though not enough for my tastes yet! I’m a consummate gardener, so I need a bit of greenery to focus. A few candles, because as a mum to two small girls, I spend a lot of time working after dark. Lighting a candle makes working night shifts less onerous.


Most importantly, though, I have the view out my office window. We live in the country, and from my desk I look out at a little meadow hemmed in by pine trees. Green herons and blue jays and squirrels like to play in the branches outside, and sometimes I’ll hear an owl. When I’m lucky enough to work during the day, I often see my flock of hens foraging in the meadow below. It all provides, as Anne Shirley would say, great scope for the imagination.”


Many thanks to Laura for providing this beautiful perspective of her writing area. I am envious of her green herons!

Think of The Light Between Worlds as being wrapped up in the warmest clothes on a cold autumnal day, standing beneath trees as the sun shines through and the red and gold leaves fall down around you. There is no-one else around. Just you.

That’s how this book made me feel. It changes between worlds – one fantastical and enclosed and the other very real and brutal. The narrative changes between worlds and time points before coming together at the end. It’s not like anything I’ve read before, as the main characters – Evelyn, Phillipa, and Jamie – are effectively living their lives twice, once in each world.

We walk with them through as they struggle to deal with living their lives after knowing something so fantastical, and what it’ll take to get back there.

Laura Weymouth is the author of The Light Between Worlds (Chicken House, £7.99). Find out more and read the first chapter here.

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