Bookshop Stop: Barter Books [Book Haul]

Welcome back to my blog!

I’ve taken a few days off to recharge my batteries and had an opportunity to go to Barter Books, Northumberland (that’s in the north east of England for my international readers!). Barter Books is a fabulous secondhand bookshop based in a disused Victorian train station in the town of Alnwick.


This is a bookshop you can get lost in (metaphorically speaking) and staying for hours is encouraged. Coal fires, a cafe with a wonderful selection of food, and all the tea you can drink make it a comfortable and cosy place to sit and read.

As it is so popular it has a rapid turnover of books. Some new(ish), some old, some rare. There is something for everyone. It even has a model railway train going around the shelves!

Book Haul

So enough about the bookshop – the main thing is what wonderful books I left with!

Stack of books

From top to bottom, I have:

  • A Place Called Perfect – Helena Duggan
  • Wreck This Journal – Keri Smith
  • Tilly and the Time Machine – Adrian Edmondson
  • Mister Pip – Lloyd Jones
  • Kick – Mitch Johnson
  • Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell

I was so happy with this haul as four of these books are on my TBR list and they are, for the most part, in pristine condition. All these for about £15! Bargain.

Visiting Barter Books

This is my last bookshop adventure for 2018, but if you want to visit Barter Books you can find out more about them here.

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Have you been to Barter Books? What’s your favourite bookshop? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Bookshop Stop: Barter Books [Book Haul]

  1. Barter Books looks so quaint and cosy! I love the fireplace and the quotes. I’ve started a bookshop bucket list haha and I’m definitely adding this to my list. It looks like such a wonderful place to visit – and cheap, too! All those books for £15, what a bargain you got. Great post!

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  2. If I ever go to Northumberland again I’ll be sure to visit Alnwick!
    I wish there was a bookshop like this where I live, there is only a small Waterstones, which is OK but not unique and nowhere to sit down 🙂

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