My Bookish Christmas Wishlist 2018

Book parcel

It’s 24 sleeps til Christmas!

It’s nearly time for Santa to visit and I am so excited. My Christmas tree and decorations have been up for a week and I’m really enjoying the cosy feeling this time of year gives me. 

I thought I would start off by sharing my Christmas wish list with you. I try not to buy anything I don’t need during the year but at Christmas, I take the opportunity to ask for books I would like to read but maybe just haven’t gotten around to purchasing.

I’ve only asked for one non-book related gift (a bottle of perfume) so I’ve not featured it here, so otherwise this is my whole list.

Just to be absolutely clear, I do not expect to receive all of these items. I make a long list so I’m at least a little bit surprised on Christmas Day! It means I don’t lose all the magic of Christmas 🙂


Oranges for Christmas – Margarita Morris

Little – Edward Carey

The Confectioner’s Guild – Claire Luana

Convenience Store Woman – Sayaka Murata

The Tidal Zone – Sarah Moss

The Corset – Laura Purcell

The Miseducation of Cameron Post – Emily Danforth

Lullaby – Leila Slimani

Truly Devious – Maureen Johnson


Educated – Tara Westover

Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy – Siva Vaidhyanathan

Other bookish items

Page Anchor (Rose Gold)

Kawaii Gingerbread Bookmark – Katnipp Illustrations (Etsy)

Comment below!

So that’s my Christmas list! I think the item I’m most excited to potentially receive is the Page Anchor. I just love it so much and love the fact it’s hands free but easy to flip to the next page. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of rose gold.

Comment below and let me know what item from my list you’d be most excited to receive. If you have a Christmas list, share below what you’re hoping to get from Santa and his elves.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I take a small cut of any purchases made through this blog at no cost to you. This helps to support my blog.

Christmas tree

4 thoughts on “My Bookish Christmas Wishlist 2018

  1. I love the xmas tree at the end of the post! I haven’t seen any of these books before but you gave me a great idea haha I like the anchor bookmark! It is great and I love the color!! The Miseducation book looks so diverse and I love the LGBT … spine… no… the other thing XD

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