Favourite Middle-Grade Books of 2018

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I thought I’d start my book wrap up of 2018, starting off with my favourite – middle-grade. I whittled it down to three books and I’ll also be talking about my best bookish moment of the year.

These books are in no particular order – I enjoyed them all immensely for different reasons and they all have their own qualities that make them wonderful reads.

Wilderness Wars – Barbara Henderson

Photo of the book Wilderness Wars by Barbara Henderson

This book has really stuck with me since I read it. At a time where we, as humans, are coming to understand the impact we’re having on the environment, books like this play a crucial role in educating children about such matters.

You can find my full review here, and you can also find out more about Cranachan Publishing and Barbara Henderson.

The Benefits of Being An Octopus – Ann Braden

A photo of the book The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden

I know this isn’t everyone’s measure of how much they’ve enjoyed a book, but this is the only book this year I read on NetGalley and ordered when it came out so I had a physical copy. It’s a tale of coming of age but also deals with topics such as domestic abuse. It’s very real and I have so much respect for Braden as an author, she has done a phenomenal job with this book.

You can see my full review here.

The Clockwork Crow – Catherine Fisher

(And my best bookish bit of the year)

A photo of the book The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher

I loved this book so much I awarded it six stars. It’s the only book I’ve awarded six stars this year so that speaks for itself.

I received a proof of this book pretty early on in my blogging career so I’m well aware Firefly Press were taking a bit of a gamble with a new blogger. However, when I received an email from them a few weeks after my review went up asking if they could quote from my review on the final cover, I was absolutely elated. I couldn’t wait to receive it, and every time I see this book in a bookshop I feel proud of myself.

The back cover of The Clockwork Crow
My quote on the back cover!

Now I’m done prattling about it, you can check out my full review here.

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What are your favourite middle-grade books of the year? Comment below and remember that links to blogs are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Favourite Middle-Grade Books of 2018

  1. I haven’t read any middle grade fiction at all this year… apart from The House with Chicken Legs (if that’s middle grade?) which I really liked. Gah, there are way too many books published each year and I can only read a tiny tiny fraction of them 🙂

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