My Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge 2019

About the Beat the Backlist challenge

The Beat the Backlist reading challenge is hosted by NovelKnight. The aim is to tackle your ever-growing TBR list by reading books printed before the challenge year. The challenge is open all year so if you want to sign up you can do so here!

Why join the challenge?

Last year was my first year as a book blogger. And let’s just say I got a little bit over enthusiast with the ARC requests and book purchases. I was also studying and working full-time and I overestimated how much reading I could take on. My studies are done for now so I’m taking the opportunity to get on top of my list.

As a side note, this is my first book related challenge so I’m quite excited to get onboard.

What’s on my backlist shelf?

I’ve started adding my backlist to a Goodreads shelf, listed below. This is an RSS feed so it’ll update as I add books.

How about the Hogwarts Mini Challenge?

There’s an entirely optional challenge where you join your Hogwarts house and gain points for every backlist book you read. I don’t often tell people my Hogwarts house but on this occasion I’m proud to say I’m team Hufflepuff!

What’s the plan?

Initially, I’m going to finish up all the books I’m currently reading. After that, I’m going to try to alternate pre-2019 and 2019 books until I’m on top of things.

I’ll keep you all updated with my progress as we go along!

Comment below

Are you taking on the Beat the Backlist reading challenge for 2019? Let me know in the comments below! How do you beat your backlist?

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