Mini Book Review: Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen M. McManus

Title: Two Can Keep A Secret
Author: Karen M. McManus
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication date: Out now


Echo Ridge is reeling.

This picturesque town, nestled near the Canadian border, experienced its first tragic loss in 1995 when high-school senior Sarah Corcoran vanished while walking home from the library.

Then five years ago, homecoming queen Lacey Kilduff was found dead in the aptly named Murderland Halloween Park.

Now, the killer claims to be back.

A small town that keeps losing its homecoming queens.

Two murders, still unsolved.

Echo Ridge is not a good place to be popular.

Taken from Two Can Keep A Secret


Last year I felt like Karen McManus’ book One of Us Is Lying was everywhere. That’s mainly because it was! In the end, I asked a friend (whose book opinion I trust implicitly) about it, and she loaned me a copy. I took it on holiday and devoured it in one day whilst basking in the sun.

I enjoyed it so much that getting Two Can Keep A Secret was a no-brainer. There’s always a bit of nervousness in these situations – what if it’s not what I hope it’ll be? I needn’t have worried. McManus nailed it once again!

A complex, multi-faceted plot with an intriguing storyline that takes place over three months, bringing together 24 years of questions and mysteries. This book kept me guessing right until the end and I had absolutely no idea how things were going to work out.

If you want to read a solid thriller that you can just sit back and enjoy, I highly recommend Two Can Keep A Secret.

You can find the lovely Karen M. McManus on Twitter.

This book was purchased by me and was not provided by the publisher.

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