Unboxing and Review: Illustrated bookmarks [Bookish item]

I never seem to have enough bookmarks. I lose them, I leave them in half-finished books I swear I’m going to come back to, and I have them dotted around my house and place of work.

So I decided I needed a bigger supply and headed over to the wonderland that is Etsy. After browsing and not really being taken in by much, I came across ElenaIllustration, and after much deliberation ordered four gorgeous illustrated bookmarks. I love them so much that I contacted Elena and asked if I could feature them on my blog, and thankfully, she said yes.

Here’s what I received…

First up is Elena’s gorgeous business card! I don’t usually go in for things with dogs on but this changed my mind. Her contact details are on the back, which I have also included at the bottom of the post.

The first bookmark I picked is double-sided with llamas and cacti. It’s a really cute combination and the detail in both images is amazing. A fun and eye-catching design.

Next I chose a design with pretty succulents. I love the attention to detail and colour theme in this design, it certainly showcases Elena’s talents.

The next one I picked out for my partner. Like me, he’s often using random items as bookmarks so I thought it was about time he had a dedicated one. He likes whales so this seemed perfect.

And last but certainly not least is this adorable gnome and toadstool bookmark. Look how cute it is! It makes me thing of when my partner and I go looking for mushrooms during the Autumn months.

Overall opinion

I’m really impressed with these bookmarks. They’re printed on excellent quality paper and have a silk finish so they’re not shiny (which is my preference). They are excellent value and Elena refunded some of my postage as I’d overpaid.

There are lots more different items in Elena’s Etsy store (such as cards, pencil cases and notepads) so I highly recommend checking it out. They’re perfect gifts for the bookish person or stationery addict in your life.

I purchased these items myself and this post is not sponsored.

Meet the illustrator

Elena O’Neill is an illustrator and pattern designer specialising in watercolour. You can find out more about Elena and her work here:


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Do you have a favourite bookmark? Who’s your favourite illustrator? Let me know in the comments below!

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