Book Review: Letting Go – Cat Clarke [Teen fiction]

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Happy Publication Day to the fabulous author Cat Clarke! I loved Letting Go, and I think you will, too. Keep reading to find out why. You can also read the first chapter below, how exciting is that?!

Author(s): Cat Clarke
Publisher: Barrington Stoke
Publication date: Out now


Never make a promise at a funeral. It’s my new motto.

When Agnes made a promise to her girlfriend, Ellie, she thought they would be together for ever. But when she has to keep that promise a year later, it puts Agnes in a situation she could never have predicted – climbing a desolate mountain in miserable weather, with Ellie and her new boyfriend, Steve. And when the weather takes a threatening turn and the tension between the trio hits its peak, Agnes will have to push herself further than she ever thought was possible…

Taken from Letting Go


It was so refreshing, for me, to read a teen book. Not MG, pre-teen, or YA, but teen. Letting Go perfectly depicts the struggles faced by teenagers, including their identities, self-esteem, and relationships.

The story focuses on an interesting dynamic between Agnes and her ex-girlfriend Ellie, and Ellie’s new boyfriend Steve. Ellie is grieving for her mother Janice, and they all set off on an expedition to scatter Janice’s ashes in her favourite place.

Along the way, and not barring one or two minor (major) hiccups, all three people learn something about themselves and take the time to reflect on who they are and why they behave the way they do.

This book also has LGBTQ+ representation; I think Clarke has made an excellent in-road to having representation but also contributing towards the normalisation of LGBTQ+ characters.

I do not want to give the ending away but it was perfect. I am not one for romance and sloppy stuff, so I will just say that the ending of this book was very satisfying.

Highly recommended for teens and adults alike; I think this book would make a good conversation starter with teens about identity and self-esteem. And, as it’s from Barrington Stoke, the book format is designed to be dyslexia-friendly and its length is ideal for reluctant readers.

Many thanks to Barrington Stoke for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Read the first chapter!

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  1. Ooh, this looks great! I think there’s something really refreshing about a good old teen book: there’s something really nostalgic and relatable seeing people go through the trials and tribulations of teenhood 😀 also how am I not following you!? Remedied that asap 😉

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