Papergang Box – August 2019 [Stationery Subscription Review]

Welcome back!

This post is not sponsored by Papergang. I purchased the boxes myself. This is an honest review (as always).

Just a quick heads up, if you’re a Papergang subscriber and have not yet opened your August box, this post contains spoilers.

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box. They have guest illustrators and support Tree Aid to plant one tree for every four Papergang boxes sold.

I’ve spent at least the last year debating trying out Papergang. I was turned down for an opportunity for a review box (which is fine, I am a book blogger after all), and eventually decided I did not want to subscribe. However, a few weeks ago I had an email from Papergang and saw that their August box was New York City themed. And I was immediately sold.

As a new subscriber, I also took advantage of a deal to get two boxes – the August box and a random past box.

I’ve reviewed both boxes below, and I strongly recommend you read until the end!

The Bonus Box

After a quick look on the Papergang website, it appeared that my bonus box was from February 2019.

What became immediately apparent was that this is a box of leftovers from other boxes, and quite honestly it feels like the dregs. The notebook, sticky notes and birthday card are all great quality and I’ll definitely use them. The stickers, however, are probably the least useful thing I received. They are not great quality and too small or oddly shaped to be useful. The pencils are OK but remind me of stationery I’d have as a child and pick up at a souvenir shop.

I felt so deflated and went into the August box with very low expectations, and kicking myself for giving in to my need to buy the boxes.

However, it turns out, all was not lost. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The August Box

I love NYC. Like, love it love it. And this box just made me so happy.

After the first box, the contents of this box was a total revelation. Sitting on top of the lovingly wrapped package was an iron-on patch, which I believe all new Papergang members receive. Next up is a mini magazine which outlines the contents of the box and contains an interview with the illustrator of the box.

The item I probably felt the least excited about was an A5 dateless calendar. As there’s only one of them it doesn’t seem overly useful, but I think if you enjoy bullet journaling then you could find a use for it.

I also received an A5 size NYC poster, which I’m planning to pin up in my office, and a blank card, along with a large sheet of wrapping paper and some washi tape. My two favourite items in the box were the desk jotter (super generously sized!) and the pretzel pin badge.

I cannot stress enough the quality of these products. The paper products are all thick and heavy weight, and I know if I walked into a stationery shop to buy any of these things it would cost me far more than I paid for the box.

The August box totally turned this experience around. I am sold and will be continuing my subscription with Papergang. It’s fun, useful, and there’s not a single bit of plastic in sight.

I cannot recommend it highly enough for all you stationery lovers out there.

Join the Papergang!

If you want to join the Papergang, you can now sign up for the September box, which you can find a sneak preview of below! I’d be extremely grateful if you could use my referral link, which allows me to earn free boxes and continue to review them.

Comment below!

What do you think of Papergang? Are you a stationery addict? Let me know in the comments below!

And always, have a wonderfully bookish (and stationery-ish) week.

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