My Physical TBR [Wrap Up 2019]

Welcome back!

I can’t quite believe I’m here already, but this is my first post of my 2019 wrap up.

I started 2019 with the intention of beating my backlist and catching up on my 2018 TBR. I also said I would not request too many review copies so I didn’t get overwhelmed.

And obviously, that turned out to be a complete fail. So, this is a full list of my physical review copies that I have waiting for me. I say physical review copies as this list does not include ebooks, my own purchases, books sent to me by other bloggers, and books I have received as gifts from friends and family.

These have been vaguely categorised by audience so please forgive me for any oversights!

I’m really keen to know what books you think I should prioritise, so please make sure to comment below!

Adult Fiction

Adult Non-fiction

Children’s Fiction

Children’s Non-fiction

YA Fiction

Comment below!

Let me know in the comments below which books you think I should prioritise.

Wishing you all a bookish week,


8 thoughts on “My Physical TBR [Wrap Up 2019]

  1. Some great titles here I have acouple on my own TBR list. The only one I’ve read is The Museum of Broken Promises. It was good but not quite the 5 star I was hoping it to be. 😉

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