Books I Am Giving As Christmas Gifts [2019 Edition]

I don’t think many of my friends or relatives read my blog but, if you do, please look away now!

As I did last year, I thought I’d post the books I’m giving as gifts this Christmas. So far, I have not bought any books for adults but if I do I’ll post an update. As such, I thought it might be useful to split this into age categories.

This is not intended as a gift guide as such as I do not cover all age categories, but let me know if you get any ideas from it!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 


Things To Learn boxset – I basically couldn’t find any information about this set, not even from the place I purchased it! Regardless, it’s an ideal gift for babies with lots of bright colours and new concepts.

Both of these ‘Can You Say It Too?’ books are perfect for babies and toddlers just starting to form their first words, with lots of sounds and repetition.

Books Always Everywhere introduces the love of books – something I think should be encouraged in every child!

Younger Readers (3+)

These wonderful books have been chosen for readers aged 3 and nearly 4 years old. There’s a lot of fun stories, alliteration, and new concepts. My favourite is Look Up! as it has diverse characters and normalises the concept of women and BAME women being interested in physics and aeronautics.

New Readers/Learning to Read (5+)

Coming Home – Michael Morpurgo

This lovely little book is designed with new readers in mind. I love anything by Michael Morpurgo so I’m pleased with any opportunity to foist it upon younger readers!

Confident Readers (7+)

For a confident reader who is going to be 8 years old by Christmas, what could be better than a wonderful stack of Horrible Histories books! I absolutely loved books like this as a child; the more gory the better. I purchased these books from Scholastic, and I highly recommend checking them out for excellent value.

Older Readers (11+)

The True Colours of Coral Glen – Juliette Forrest

I’ve not read this book myself yet but I couldn’t resist it for an older reader who I love buying for. This book has a beautiful cover and I am sure the story will be just as wonderful.

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Which of these books would you like to find under your Christmas tree? Comment below!

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  1. Horrible Histories and Horrible Science were some of my favourite books as a kid! Hopefully I can pass the joy of those books onto some younger family member soon!

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