Blog Tour and Review: QualityLand – Marc-Uwe Kling

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I’m so pleased to have been invited to participate in the audiobook blog tour for Qualityland. Many thanks to Tracy from Compulsive Readers and Orion for the opportunity to take part.



We hope you enjoy your trip to the happiest, most advanced place on earth.

QualityLand is the world’s first 2.0 country, where everything is run by infallible algorithm, including:

– Society (in which everyone is ranked by level)
– Shopping (orders arrive before you even know you want them)
– Relationships (you will be notified instantly if there is a better match)

In fact, this very algorithm selected you to visit QualityLand. If you don’t like it, you’re not just ungrateful – you’re also wrong, because the algorithm is always right.

While you’re visiting, be aware there is an election going on – the perfect time to see QualityLand in action…



I know it is only February but I wouldn’t say this unless I meant it. But Qualityland is currently my best read of 2020 and I am really confident that come December, it still will be (or at least in my Top 5…!).

Qualityland is equally terrifying and hilarious. And I do mean laugh-out-loud funny. It takes us into the future, where after years of being unchecked, huge corporations have taken over our lives. You receive goods before you even know you want them and jobs have been taken over by artificial intelligence.

As a result, humans now have to qualify for levels. Your level defines everything in your life, from how long you wait to speak to a customer service advisor (if you can find a human one, that is) to who your life partner is.

The way in which Kling takes us into the future is absolutely mind-blowing. His observation of our current ways of life induces reflection in the reader but in a way that makes you want more of it and not to shy away from the harsh realities.

If I possibly could, I would make everyone read Qualityland. Not just because it is a wonderfully written book but because Kling is showing us the future. And it’s really quite dark out there.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Go get it.

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