Bookish Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week #3

… or just welcome if you’re new here. I’ve realised that I see a lot of book-related things around the internet that I enjoy each week and want to share them with you. This maybe books I’ve read, not read, blog posts I’ve enjoyed, or book-related articles. I’ll also include books I’ve discovered this week and would like to read in the future.

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what your favourite bookish thing from the week was in the comments below!


I’ve been very ‘mood-driven’ when it comes to my reading and exploration of books this week. I decided to judge many books by their covers despite the perils of doing so, and I have no regrets so far. I’ve also realised I’ve read very few novellas and set about adding some to my TBR. An article from The Guardian about literary museums caught my eye towards the end of the week.

Blog posts

Simon from SavidgeReads is currently running a readathon called the Summer Book HiBearNation. I wanted to take part but I just wasn’t organised enough so I will have to participate vicariously through the lovely Tomes with Tea!


I love watching people read loads of books in a short amount of time but never actually have any desire to attempt it myself – is that weird? I’m in the market for a colour e-reader (for reading comics and graphic novels) and it was interesting to see the development in the technology. I don’t think its there yet but I’m confident it will be soon.

I Read Ten Books in Two Days! – Jen Campbell
Pocketbook Color e-Reader Unboxing – Goodereader

Yet again, my poor TBR. One of my most exciting discoveries of the week is Richardson Puzzles and Games. They are releasing gorgeously aesthetic puzzle books over the next few months, including su doku, codewords, word searches, and crosswords. I’m hoping to provide a full review of these soon.

This book cover has a background with swirls of pink, orange, blue and green. The title, Want, is in large white letters across the middle.

Want – Lynn Steger Strong

This is the book cover of A Tomb with A View by Peter Ross. The cover shows a sketch style drawing of a graveyard. There are hills in the distance with a simple church. In the foreground there are headstones, some falling over with age, and graveyard gates. There is a fox wandering around the graveyard.

A Tomb With a View – Peter Ross

Flash Fiction

Does anyone have any good recommendations of where I can read more flash fiction? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what your favourite bookish discovery of the week is!

If you want to copy the format of this post, please go ahead – tag me so I can read it! 🙂 (*Please do not use my images or headers, thank you in advance!)

Wishing you a bookish week,

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