Blog Tour and Review: The Lies You Told – Harriet Tyce

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Following the huge success of her debut novel Blood Orange, I’m so pleased to have been invited to participate in the audiobook blog tour for The Lies You Told. Many thanks to Tracy from Compulsive Readers and Wildfire Books for the opportunity to take part.


Sadie loves her daughter and will do anything to keep her safe.

She can’t tell her why they had to leave home so quickly – or why Robin’s father won’t be coming with them to London.

She can’t tell her why she hates being back in her dead mother’s house, with its ivy-covered walls and its poisonous memories.

And she can’t tell her the truth about the school Robin’s set to start at – a school that doesn’t welcome newcomers.
Sadie just wants to get their lives back on track.

But even lies with the best intentions can have deadly consequences…


I’m so grateful to have made it on to the blog tour for The Lies You Told considering I was lucky to get on the tour for Blood Orange and raved about that book for months. I made many friends read it and they loved it too.

The Lies You Told strikes the balance between being a totally different beast to Blood Orange but still has the markers of Tyce’s style. It is dark without churning out the most popular tropes often found in psychological thrillers.

For me, this was a book of three parts. The first part drew me in with a backstory and I was clearly not given all the facts. It was at this point I thought “Right, I’ve got the general idea, now give me something juicy” and lo and behold it delivered! The second part kept a steady pace with hint after hint of the plot before cumulating in a frantic third part that kept me turning the pages.

The highlight of this book was the character development. Tyce harnesses her characters to make you think you know what’s going on before ripping the rug out from under your feet just a few pages later. Additionally, she has an incredible way of making some of her characters completely infuriating. It’s a sign of talent when you can induce such strong emotions in your readers.

The biggest surprise in this book was the ending. It could’ve easily been so predictable but there is a proper “Oh!” moment right at the end. No spoilers here though!

This is an altogether enjoyable, fast-paced and absorbing read. I got lost in the story and I would gladly continue to recommend Harriet Tyce’s books.

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