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Calling all non-fiction fans! Epoch Press needs your support. They are launching a literary journal specialising in creative non-fiction “that reveals raw truths, common humanity, and the bitter and sweet of reality.” To get off the ground, they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign. Read on to find out more about Epoch Press and why their campaign is so important.

Credit: Images are all property of Epoch Press.

My not actually a disclaimer disclaimer is at the bottom of this post.*

The Epoch Press logo. It is a simple back and white logo with the words Epoch Press. Between the words, there is a simple image of an hourglass, and the letters 'E' and 'P' in either section of the hourglass.

About Epoch Press

There are two important things to know about Epoch Press. They are independent and they are based in Scotland (although they have staff far and wide!). They’re also different. There are many (wonderful) literary journals around but Epoch Press want to offer something totally unique – a complete focus on creative non-fiction. Their tag line is Truth in Ink, which is so very apt.

Linda over at Linda’s Book Bag recently interviewed Cara Bentley, Editor-in-Chief, which you can read here.

Why support the Kickstarter campaign?

If, like me, you are a huge fan of non-fiction then you will probably already be excited about this campaign. As much as I enjoy fiction, there is something so much more provoking and inspirational about non-fiction.

Epoch Press are not limited to one or two formats. They are considering submissions including:  memoir, personal essay, flash creative nonfiction, nature writing, travel writing, city writing, and poetry. Contributors who are accepted will be paid for their work.

Further to their flexible, open-minded approach to different mediums of creative non-fiction, they “enthusiastically encourage[s] submissions from marginalised voices, BIPOC, POC, LGBT+ folks, emerging writers and people outside of academia.”.

You can pledge just £3 and be rewarded as a named contributor in the first edition, Beginnings, due in January 2021.

This image shows a preview of the first issue of the Epoch Press literary journal. There are three copies randomly stacked. The cover shows an arty depiction of an hour glass, with the title 'Issue 1: Beginnings'.

The Epoch Press ethos is: Diversity, Sustainability, Community, Fair Payment.

Follow and support the campaign

If you want to check out the Epoch Press Kickstarter campaign, you can find it right here. Their website is here and you can find out more about the team, including the all important team mascot, Aurora, who has four legs and a tail.

I know not everyone can financially back a campaign but you can support it by sharing on social media. Post the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and you could even re-blog this post. Every share counts.

Epoch Press needs your support! Find out more about their Kickstarter Campaign here: @EpochPress #KickstarterCampaign #LiteraryJournal #NonFiction

What do you think of the Epoch Press campaign? Are you excited for this new literary journal? Let me know in the comments below! You can also show your support by sharing my blog post. Huge thanks in advance.

Check out this spotlight post about Epoch Press from Roachie’s Reviews. @EpochPress #BlogPost #BookBlogger

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*Not really a disclaimer: I am choosing to post about this campaign as I really want it to succeed. I am passionate about non-fiction and love what Epoch Press is trying to achieve as well as the way they are going about it. I have backed this campaign with my own money. I was not approached by Epoch Press, nor was I asked to post this spotlight. Opinions are my own, but some of the wording as been taken directly from their website or Kickstarter campaign, cos why re-write something when it was written so well the first time?

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