Blog Tour and Review: The Accidental Wizard – Kimberly Pauley

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Huge thanks to Harriet at Scholastic UK for inviting me to take part in the blog tour for The Accidental Wizard and putting me up to The Accidental Wizard Challenge!


Twig is the last surviving apprentice of the great wizard Ripplemintz, which, as a job, is just as terrifying as it sounds. Oh Ripplemintz always means well, but for a wizard of such high regard he really does make an awful lot of mistakes. And who’s always left to clear them up? That’s right – Twig.

So when Ripplemitz’s most powerful spell is let loose on the world, off Twig goes to catch it. And catch it he does, except… not quite in the way that he intended. Because, instead of catching it in an enchanted jar, Twig sort of… well… catches it in… HIMSELF.


This book is so much fun. When Twig, a wizard’s apprentice, ends up the world’s most powerful wizard, all he wants is to be rid of his new found power. He ends up on a wild goose-chase of an adventure, making some friends along the way. The story is funny, a bit silly, and a warm hug wrapped up in a lovely bow.

The best bit of The Accidental Wizard is the world-building. Pauley manages to build a kingdom with different domains, and a yearly wizarding event, and makes it seem like it’s the easiest thing in the world. The story never loses pace, there is always something happened without being overly dramatic or losing the plot. Along with the wonderful characters, it has to be the most engrossing middle-grade book I’ve read this year.

I can see children getting lost in this world and devouring The Accidental Wizard. From an educational perspective, it carefully balances being easy to read and will help expand children’s vocabulary.

This book is a true joy and I highly recommend it. Keep reading to find out how I do in The Accidental Wizard Challenge!

A spellbinding quiz all about the world of magic

What would you rather be: a wizard, a witch, or a hag?

A wizard. I love the robes and would be happiest brewing weird and wonderful spells. Although, I do like the idea of being a witch and working with things found in a nature. Not keen on the hat though.

Who would win in a wizard duel: Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Gandalf and Dumbledore would never duel each other! They’re both peaceful. But if I had to pick one… Dumbledore.

If you could be ANY creature from a fairy tale or folklore, what would you be and why?

I’d be a ceffyl dŵr, which is the Welsh mythology equivalent of a kelpie. Legend has it they can shape-shift and they’re very ethereal.

Choose your favourite wizard: Harry Potter or Merlin?

Merlin. You can’t argue with a legend.

If you could have just one magic spell that would always work for you, what would it be?

I’d have a spell that I could cast in lieu of doing exercise. I know I should keep fit and how important it is, but I absolutely detest doing exercise!

If you were accidentally granted a super power or ability, what would it be?

The ability to keep up with my reading list and proofs I receive and write my reviews on time…!

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