Ravensburger – Harry Potter At home with the Weasley Family [Jigsaw Review]

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Brand: Ravensburger
Jigsaw code: 16516
Illustrator: MinaLima
Pieces: 1000


And now for something completely different! I know I am a book blogger. However, it’s very hard to review books when you are not reading any. It’s just a 2021 feeling; I don’t want to read right now and that’s OK. But I do want to do jigsaws!

I’ve completed jigsaws on and off over the years but this year I have become slightly obsessed. I spotted this Ravensburger puzzle illustrated by MinaLima and I had to have it. If you’re not familiar with MinaLima, it is definitely worth checking them out – they do some absolutely stunning Harry Potter related books and merchandise and I am obsessed with their illustrations.

Here’s the jigsaw box and the finished product. Apologies for the poor lighting on the finished product, the lighting in the room isn’t great and certainly does not do the jigsaw justice. The picture features an illustration of Harry looking at the clock in The Burrow, surrounded by various features such as knitting, food, and an owl.

As a jigsaw amateur it took me about 15 hours to complete. The pieces were nicely cut and solid, I only had one or two that started peeling (when the image comes away from the cardboard). The pieces have a glossy finish which mad them tricky to work with under artificial lights but altogether it was a fun puzzle with frustrating moments.

I’d recommend this puzzle for advanced amateurs and up – and of course, for Harry Potter fans.

I fully intend on getting the whole collection (some of which are featured below) as they’ll be jigsaws I can return to again and again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very different post from me! If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, let me know in the comments below and tell me what you’re working on.

Wishing you a bookish week,


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