Blog Tour and Review: The Rewilders – Lindsay Littleson

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Esme is annoyed and braced for boredom when she’s sent to stay with her gran for the weekend, until she discovers a terrible mistake. Cora, the abandoned kitten Gran found on the Rothiecraig Estate, is in fact a wild lynx kit and she is growing—fast! 

Suddenly, Esme finds herself on a dangerous mission to rewild Cora, along with Callum Docherty for company, the school’s ‘bad boy’, and Shug, the worst guard dog in the world. The situation takes a terrifying turn when the children pitch their tents on a bleak Highland moor and hear wolves howling outside…


There is so much going on in The Rewilders and I absolutely loved it! Littleson has brought together a wild (see what I did there) adventure whilst also exploring some difficult and important subjects.

It would be so easy to write two well-adjusted children with some minor differences who ultimately get on. But Littleson does not do that in The Rewilders. We have Callum who is in foster care – his school don’t take the time to understand him, his classmates relentlessly bully him, and he responds the only way he knows how, causing himself further trouble. And then there’s Esme, who’s anxiety is all tucked up inside her. Esme’s best friend Isobel particularly likes causing Callum trouble, and Esme laughs when everyone else laughs, not realising the hurt she causes Callum.

Their adventure to rewild Cora, the North Eurasian lynx, means Esme and Callum have to go into the night with only Cora and Shug (the daft dog) for company. Without any technology, proper food, or a clean pair of pants, they have to face each other, their fears, and discover who they really are as individuals.

The Rewilders strikes the perfect balance in being an adventure story without overlooking the important subjects. It’s educational but entertaining, and is the ideal tool to open up discussions about wildlife, conservation, bullying, and alternative home situations.

Highly recommended.

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