Book Review: Ghost – Illustratus [GIVEAWAY]

A fantastic collection of illustrated ghost stories that’ll keep you up at night. And a giveaway!

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Book Review: Guardians of the Wild Unicorns – Lindsay Littleson

Title: Guardians of the Wild UnicornsAuthor: Lindsay LittlesonPublisher: KelpiesPublication date: 21st February 2019 Synopsis ‘Across the moor galloped a huge dark beast; a heavily muscled horse with a gleaming, rippling black mane. The animal reared up, its hooves cutting the sky, its silken tail streaming like a banner. Its spiralled horn glinted in the sun.’ Lewis is cold, wet and […]

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Book Review: The Star-spun Web – Sinéad O’Hart

Title: The Star-spun WebAuthor: Sinéad O’HartPublisher: Stripes (Little Tiger)Publication date: 7th February 2019 Synopsis With her passion for scientific experimentation and her pet tarantula Violet, Tess de Sousa is no ordinary orphan. When a stranger shows up at Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings, claiming to be a distant relative come to adopt her, Tess […]

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